Must-see attractions in Penghu Islands

  • Penghu Reclamation Hall

    This attractive building from 1933 is fundamentally a Japanese house but with European art deco elements.

  • Duxing 10th Village

    This self-contained 'village' was once the living quarters of military families. The partly derelict area is now being valiantly reworked into a small…

  • Magong Old Wall

    A quick walk west along Zhongshan Rd from central Magong takes you to Shuncheng Gate, the only restored portal in the largely overgrown old city wall.

  • Dutch Fort site

    For fine views and nice walks, follow signs to Snakehead Hill (蛇頭山; Shétóu Shān) and discover some grassy terraces on which once stood a Dutch fort.

  • Daguoyeh Prismatic Basalt

    This minor geological curiosity is a vertically contoured wall of basalt forming a small outcrop in the grass-and-scrub landscape. There's a glass-box…