Top things to do in Nanzhuang

Museum in Nanzhuang

Saisiyat Folklore Museum

This lake-side museum is dedicated to the Saisiyat (賽夏族) and their intriguing Festival of the Short People (賽夏族矮靈祭; Sàixiàzú Ǎlíngjì; the Pas-ta'ai Ritual). The Saisiyat ('the true people'), with just over 5000 memb…
Village in Nanzhuang

Nanzhuang Village

Nanzhuang is known for its tung trees, which were planted all over the hills of Miaoli by the Japanese and whose blossoms – dubbed 'May snow' in these parts – are loved for their snowlike appearance. There's a laund…
Village in Nanzhuang

Luchang Village

If you continue along Township Rd 21苗 past the turn-off for Xiangtan Lake, you'll run up a deep rugged canyon and eventually to the high-altitude Luchang Village. It's stunningly beautiful up here and a few kilometr…