Nangan attractions

Top Choice Tunnel in Nangan

Beihai Tunnel

Carved out of a sheer rock face by soldiers using only simple hand tools, construction of this 700m tunnel began in 1968 and took three years to complete, with many losing their lives in the process. It was used as …
Fort in Nangan

Iron Fort

One of the most impressive military sites is the abandoned Iron Fort, a rocky strip of coral jutting out over the sea and hollowed out to house Matsu's amphibious forces. Visitors are allowed to enter and have a loo…
Taoist Temple in Nangan

Matsu Temple

This Matsu Temple is considered one of the most sacred spots in Taiwan. Legend has it that during an attempt to save her father from shipwreck, Matsu herself drowned and was washed ashore here. Show up on Matsu's bi…
Village in Nangan

Jinsha Village

This collection of beautiful old stone houses lies just back from the sea in a sheltered cove. The bunker by the entrance to the beach is filled with paintings that bear the classic KMT propaganda slogan: 'Fight aga…
Historic Site in Nangan

Fushan Illuminated Wall

Overlooking Fu'ao Harbour is the Fushan Illuminated Wall, a concrete billboard that faces mainland China and warns communist forces to 'sleep on spears'. Translation: Chiang Kai-shek is coming to get you (one day), …
Historic Site in Nangan

Dahan Stronghold

Just across a rocky beach from the Beihai Tunnel is Dahan Stronghold, a fortification built directly into a granite peninsula. A warren of narrow and low tunnels leads visitors to emplacements where real 80mm anti-a…
Village in Nangan

Matsu Cultural Village

This cultural and religious complex consists of a colossal 29m statue of its namesake goddess atop the hill to the northeast of Matsu Temple, a wooden viewing deck shaped like a large boat at the goddess's feet, and…
Museum in Nangan

Matsu Folklore Culture Museum

With many old photos, artefacts, life-size dioramas and interactive films, this four-storey museum is a good introduction to the culture and lifestyle on Matsu. The displays are visually appealing and there are some…
Taoist Temple in Nangan

Huakuang Tati Temple

In the Ming dynasty, a villager dreamt that the god of fire told him an incense burner was buried in Fu'ao. The man later discovered it and Huakuang Tati Temple was built in the god's honour. You can see the temple …
Taoist Temple in Nangan

White Horse God Temple

The small White Horse God Temple is devoted to a deified general who once defended Fujian. During storms a mysterious light appears to guide ships.