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Forest in Mingchih Forest Recreation Area

Ma-Kou Ecological Park

This 16.5-hectare ecological park hosts a stand of ancient red and yellow cypress trees, easily the match of those at other ancient forests in Taiwan including Lalashan. The oldest tree here is reportedly over 2500 …
Forest in Mingchih Forest Recreation Area

Mingchih Forest Recreation Area

This is a tranquil wooded compound centred around the high-altitude Lake Mingchih, where you can take leisurely walks along the various hut-dotted trails running through old-growth forests. Go early in the morning i…
Lake in Mingchih Forest Recreation Area

Lake Mingchih

A rather pretty high-altitude pond (1150ft to 1700ft) which, on rare clear days, mirrors the sky as described by its Chinese name Ming Chih (Bright Lake). More often it's romantically shrouded in mist. There's a woo…