Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Meinong

Kuang Chin Sheng Paper Umbrella

This shop spread over five rooms in a Hakka courtyard house is the Louis Vuitton of Taiwanese oil paper umbrellas. It was founded during Japanese rule and appeared on the cover of an American magazine in 1976 (there…
Homewares in Meinong

Meinong Kiln

A large compound with a tile-making factory, a cafe, and a shop selling ceramic sculptures, tableware, crockery and vases for NT$50 to NT$2 million. Some of the larger pieces were made by artist Chu Pan-hsiung (朱邦雄)…
Clothing in Meinong

Jing Shing Blue Shirts Shop

This little family-run shop opened in the 1930s making traditional Hakka-style indigo clothing and accessories. A loose-fitting shirt costs NT$3000.
Arts & Crafts in Meinong

Meinong Folk Village

This artificial re-creation of an old-fashioned neighbourhood is definitely touristy but you can still watch traditional crafts being made, sample Hakka lei cha (擂茶; léi chá; pounded tea), and purchase well-made pap…
Arts & Crafts in Meinong

Guan De Xin Paper Umbrella Shop

A cheaper option if you're looking to buy a paper umbrella. An umbrella here costs between NT$400 and NT$1500.