Park in Maolin Recreation Area

Maolin Scenic Area

Lying just south of the Tropic of Cancer, in the western foothills of the Central Mountain Range, the Maolin Scenic Area offers luxuriant mountains, dramatic gorges and shimmering waterfalls. Tucked into this rugged…
Butterfly Valley in Maolin Recreation Area

Purple Butterfly Valley

The valley is not one geographical location, but a number of sites around the scenic area. Some will be signed as you drive along the main road, but enquire at the visitor information centre for good butterfly-watch…
Village in Maolin Recreation Area


Duona Village, lying in a river gorge, is home to the Rukai tribe. Though not many traditional houses are left, the village is worth visiting to see how the Rukai live in the 21st century. You'll see villagers dryin…
Waterfalls in Maolin Recreation Area

Lovers Gorge Waterfall

You can drive up to the first of the five levels of this waterfall, only the first three of which are accessible by a trail. It's easy to reach but less picturesque than Maolin Gorge Waterfall.
Waterfall in Maolin Recreation Area

Maolin Gorge Waterfall

Next up from Lovers Gorge Waterfall is the 45ft Maolin Gorge Waterfall. As you drive down into Maolin Gorge Valley there is a sign for the waterfall.