The country code for Taiwan is 886. Taiwan's telephone carrier for domestic and international calls is Chunghwa Telecom (

Area Codes

Do not dial the area code when calling within that area code.

The number of digits in telephone numbers varies with the locality, from eight in Taipei to five in the remote Matsu Islands.

Mobile Phones

Most foreign mobile phones can use local SIM cards with prepaid plans, which you can purchase at airport arrival terminals and top up at telecom outlets or convenience stores.

More Information

  • The main mobile operators are Chunghwa (, Taiwan Mobile ( and Far EasTone (
  • Both Chunghwa and Far EasTone require foreigners to have two forms of photo ID in order to register for a SIM card, so you will also need a driver's licence or an ID card as well as your passport. If you only have a passport, buy your SIM from Taiwan Mobile.
  • Costs vary slightly between operators but expect to pay around NT$300 for a new SIM with about NT$100 worth of call time and 1.2GB of data. Calls to a user on the same network cost between NT$3 and NT$6 a minute, while calls to users under another network cost between NT$7 and NT$10 per minute.