Ferry in Magong

Pescadores-Brave Line

In March 2019, Brave Line launched the first of its two new state-of-the-art catamarans, Rikulau (雲豹) and Blue Magpie (藍鵲), costing over US$120 million. These cut the Magong-Budai (Chayi) trip duration to one hour, …
Boat in Magong

South Service Centre

This terminal-style building combines a tourist info desk, free left luggage and a collection of agency counters offering a wide variety of return boat trips to various combinations of outer islands. When comparing …
Ferry in Magong

Tai Hua Shipping

Tai Hua Shipping operates car ferries from Kaohsiung to Magong (bunk/seat NT$980/860, 4½ hours) and back (NT$933/819). There are generally one or two sailings each day, at 9am, 4pm and/or 11.30pm.
Airport in Magong

Penghu Airport

Flights to Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung are operated by Uni Air and Mandarin Airlines, to Tainan and Chayi by Uni Air only.
Bus in Magong

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal beneath the Rainbow Hotel is the starting point for public buses and the 8.30am Tourist Shuttle.
Ferry in Magong

Pier for Tongpan & Hujing Ferries

Boats for Tongpan and Hujing usually use one of the southernmost berths at No 3 Fishing Port, but double check before boarding as things vary slightly day-by-day. Pay on board.
Ferry in Magong

Magong Passenger Harbour Terminal

Embarkation for ferries to Taiwan is from this terminal beneath the big Dreamer Hotel. Tickets are sold on the 2nd floor.
Boat in Magong

South Seas Passenger Pier

The daily ferry to Chimei via Wang'an uses this pier.
Bicycle Rental in Magong


Small bicycle shop with a dozen or so bikes for hire.
Petrol Station in Magong

CPC Petrol Station

Handy central petrol station.