Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Lukang

Longshan Temple

Built in the late 18th century, Longshan Temple remains a showcase of southern temple design. The temple is expansive, covering over 10,000 sq metres within its gated walls, so give yourself a few hours to take in t…
Historic Building in Lukang

Din Family Old House

This beautifully restored Fujian-style house is the last remaining imperial scholar's home in Lukang. The Din's were descendants of Arab traders from Quanzhou in Fujian. They played an important role in the commerci…
Museum in Lukang

Lukang Folk Arts Museum

The Folk Arts Museum has always been one of our favourite heritage sites in Lukang. Built in the Japanese era and originally the residence of a wealthy local family, the museum houses a large collection of daily-lif…
Taoist Temple in Lukang

Matsu Temple

This holy structure was renovated in 1936, a high period in Taiwan's temple arts. The woodcarvings are particularly fine in the front hall, and the high plafond is gorgeous. The Matsu statue in this temple is now ca…
Area in Lukang

Nine Turns Lane

Don't bother counting the turns as you wend your way past some of the oldest and most charming residences in Lukang on Nine Turns Lane. The number nine refers to the ninth month – cold winds blow down from Mongolia …
Landmark in Lukang

Half-Sided Well

This now filled well sits half inside the wall of a residence and half outside. The arrangement is a remnant of humbler days when not everyone could afford to have their own well and those who could would share thei…
Area in Lukang

Lukang Old Street

Lukang's old commercial hub, Yaolin and Butou Sts, are now a protected heritage zone. The narrow century-old lanes are worth checking out for their red-tiled flair, for the arty boutiques, crafts shops and old resid…
Taoist Temple in Lukang

Weiling Temple

Enshrined here is a deified folk hero of the Ming dynasty – General Liu, known for his valour in fighting the Manchus. When a statue of the general was brought here, Lukang was in the throes of a plague. The masses …
Taoist Temple in Lukang

Sanshan Guowang Temple

A small temple originally raised by Hakka migrants who treated it as both a place of worship and a compatriots' association. The resident gods are three mountain deities from Southern China.
Taoist Temple in Lukang

City God Temple

Lukang's City God Temple has roots in Fujian's Quanzhou and was probably built in the mid-18th century. Paying your respects here is believed to be effective in helping to solve problems, in particular theft. The te…