New Taiwanese dollar (NT$).

Daily Costs

Budget: NT$1800–2500

  • Dorm bed: NT$550–800
  • MRT: NT$30
  • Noodles and side dish: NT$80–120
  • Convenience store beer: NT$40
  • Temple admission: free

Midrange: NT$2500–5000

  • Double room in a hotel: NT$1400–2600
  • Lunch or dinner at a decent restaurant: NT$250–500
  • Car rental per day: NT$1800–2400
  • Gourmet coffee: NT$120–260
  • Soak in a private hot-spring room: NT$1000–1400

Top End: More than NT$5000

  • Double room at a four-star hotel: NT$4000–6000
  • Meal at a top restaurant: NT$800–1200
  • Ecotour guide per day: NT$4000–6000
  • Well-made tea pot: NT$3000–8000
  • Cocktail at a good bar: NT$280–350


Prices are generally marked on goods and bargaining is not common. However, in tourist and wholesale markets you may be able to shave off 10% or 20%, particularly if you buy several items.


There's an ATM in the 7-Eleven in Penfu Village.