Top things to do in Little Kinmen

Historic Site in Little Kinmen

Siwei Tunnel

This is the top tourist attraction on the island. Also known as Jiugong Tunnel (九宮坑道), the 790m underground Siwei Tunnel, which was blasted through a granite reef, is twice as large as the Jhaishan Tunnels on Kinmen…
Lake in Little Kinmen

Lingshui Lake

Liehyu's most famous lake is the pretty, reed-fringed artificial Lingshui Lake from which you can see Fujian. It's home to a number of species of waterbirds native to Fujian province.
Historic Site in Little Kinmen

Warriors’ Fort & Iron Men’s Fort

The two intact forts in Huangtso were built in the 1970s and each has a web of underground tunnels, including a 200m-long one that connect the two structures.
Museum in Little Kinmen

Huchingtou War Museum

The Huchingtou War Museum contains war memorabilia and an observation room with binoculars from which you can see Xiamen on a clear day.