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Top Choice Village in Kinmen

Shuitou Village

The 700-year-old community of Shuitou Village features one of the best collections of old houses, both Chinese- and Western-style, in all of Taiwan.
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Maestro Wu Bombshell Steel Knives

Living under bombardment has taught the people of Kinmen to make the best of things. One place where you can see this done with unique aplomb is at Maestro Wu's. It's here where old propaganda-laden shells lobbed by…
Top Choice Taiwanese in Kinmen

Jindaodi Snack Shop

Operating out of one of the many old courtyard houses in the village, this shop's speciality is Kinmen baby rock oysters (金門石蚵). The delicacy is chewier than baby oysters you find in Taiwan proper. They are harveste…
Top Choice Historic Site in Kincheng

Kuei Pavilion

Built in 1836 for the worship of the god of literature, the elegant two-storey pavilion is surrounded by a number of stately Western-style buildings and a whole neighbourhood of old dwellings connected by narrow lan…
Historic Site in Kinmen

Jhaishan Tunnels

Blasted out of solid granite by soldiers in the early 1960s, these tunnels stretch 357m to the ocean and were designed to protect boats from bombs during wars. You can walk through the spooky interior or follow a br…
Village in Kinmen

Chenggong Village (Cheng Kung)

The major attraction in Chenggong Village is the splendid Western-style Chen Ching Lan Mansion (陳景蘭洋樓; Chénjǐnglán Yánglóu), built in 1921 by the eponymous businessman with the fortunes he made in Southeast Asia. Th…
Historic Site in Kinmen

Beishan Broadcasting Station

The now-defunct Beishan Broadcasting Station stands on a cliff by the sea. Forty-eight speakers were punched into the concrete exterior wall, each with a reported range of 25km, that used to crank out propaganda lik…
Historic Site in Kinmen

Juguang Tower

Just southeast of Kincheng, this three-storey tower, built in 1952 as a memorial to the fallen soldiers of Kinmen, should be your first stop for an overview of the rich history and culture of Kinmen. The 1st floor c…
Historic Site in Kincheng

Memorial Arch to Qiu Liang-Kung's Mother

Qiu Liang-Kung was a Kinmen native who rose to become governor of China's Zhejiang province. He erected this Kincheng landmark in 1812 to honour his mother who chose to live 28 years as a widow after his father's de…
Taiwanese in Kinmen

Cheng Gong Dumplings

This nondescript eatery in Chenggong Village is famous for it guōtiē (鍋貼, pot-stickers) and oyster omelette. From Chen Ching Lan's Mansion (陳景蘭洋樓) at 1 Chenggong St (成功街1號), head back to the main road (Huangdao Rd),…