Kinmen attractions

Top Choice Historic Site in Kinmen

Jhaishan Tunnels

Blasted out of solid granite by soldiers in the 1960s, this V-shaped arc of sea tunnels was designed to protect boats from bombs during the war years. Approach it through a large garden displaying two of the landing…
Top Choice Historic Site in Little Kinmen

Siwei Tunnel

Also known as Jiugong Tunnel (九宮坑道), this four-entrance network of wide sea tunnels was blasted out of the gneiss in the 1960s to provide bomb shelters for as many as 50 small boats.
Top Choice Architecture in Shuitou Village

Deyue Mansion

Built in 1931, this is Kinmen's most famous 'western' building thanks to the 11m-tall gun tower in its yard, erected to ward off (or at least spot) pirates.
Museum in Kinmen

Guningtou War Museum

For domestic tourists, this is one of Kinmen's top sights due to the pivotal nature of a battle fought here over 56 hours in October 1949. For outsiders, the main attraction is often discovering the war-era subterra…
Historic Site in Kincheng

Juguang Tower

This three-storey tower, built in classical Chinese form, is an iconic local landmark that has often featured on Taiwanese stamps. Yet it only dates from 1952, erected as a memorial to fallen soldiers. Set in attrac…
Village in Kinmen

Shanhou Folk Culture Village

With a fine setting in a bowl of green slopes, Shanhou is one of the island's prettiest old villages with dozens of classic tile-roofed Fujian homes, including a close-packed grouping of 18 buildings built by a sing…
Statue in Kincheng

Koxinga Statue

This stern, 9m statue of Koxinga (鄭成, Zheng Cheng) gazes towards China from a tiny islet connected to the rest of Kinmen by a pedestrian causeway, which becomes submerged as the tide rises. It's flanked by silhouett…
Historic Site in Little Kinmen

Yongshi Fort

Yongshi (Warriors') Fort is one of a pair of 1970s military bunkers in Huangtso. Descend through a 200m-long tunnel that now contains a museum about landmines.
Historic Site in Kinmen

Beishan Broadcasting Wall

This vertical slab of concrete punched with 48 circular holes looks like a forgotten work of 1970s abstract sculpture set on a very low seaside 'cliff'. In fact, behind each hole was once a speaker, together creatin…
Village in Kinmen

Zhushan Village

All a-twitter with birdsong, Zhushan is Kinmen's traditional village core, chock-a-block with low-rise, tile-roofed homesteads built in archetypal Fujian style. Unlike the regimented rows of houses in some other vil…