Kincheng restaurants

Noodles in Kincheng

Niu Jiazhuang

Different parts from a cow feature across the menu in this popular restaurant that claims to use Jinmen cows that have been fed a strict diet of sorghum wine lees. The perennial favourite is níuròu miàn (牛肉麵; beef n…
Seafood in Kincheng


This place serves up some mighty fine seafood – the usual suspects as well as Fujianese exotica such as stirfried sandworm (沙蟲; shāchóng). Weather permitting, management sets up tables so guests can sit outside and …
Chinese in Kincheng

Shou Ji Kuangtung Zhou

While Chinese rice porridge hardly makes an instant hit with Western travellers, this well-loved restaurant has been ladling up bowl after bowl of fabulous Cantonese-style congee for the past 80-plus years. Fried do…