• Newspapers The two main newspapers are the Taipei Times ( and the China Post ( You can pick them up in most convenience stores.
  • International news magazines and newspapers International publications such as the International Herald Tribune and the Economist are stocked at five-star hotels and larger bookstores as well as many libraries.
  • Radio Taiwan's only English-language radio station is International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT, It broadcasts nationwide in English 24 hours a day at 100MHz (FM) with a mix of music, news and information.
  • Cable TV Available cheaply throughout Taiwan (and thus will be offered in almost all hotels and homestays), with some English movie channels (HBO, AXN), and news channels (CNN). Buddhist groups such as Tzuchi also have their own channels, as do the Hakka and Taiwan's indigenous groups. It's worth watching a Taiwan news show at least once for the sheer craziness of the local coverage, which focuses on domestic disputes and lurid crimes.