Top Choice Bakery in Kaohsiung

Wu Pao Chun Bakery

The flagship store of the talented Taiwanese baker who won top prize (bread category) in the Bakery World Cup in Paris. He did it with a wheat bread that contains Taiwan's millet wine, rose petals and dried lychees.…
Top Choice Taiwanese in Kaohsiung

Ban Jiushi

An elegant modern teahouse that makes refined versions of classics such as braised pork and panfried milkfish. It's the kind of place where you can pore over a book or watch the world go by as you await your tea-inf…
Top Choice Seafood in Kaohsiung

Behind-the-Temple Seafood Congee

This wonderful street-corner shop with an iron roof whips up delicious soups and congee with fresh local seafood. The signature seafood congee (招牌海產粥; zhāopái hǎichǎn zhōu) is excellent with the oyster omelette (蚵仔蛋…
Top Choice International in Kaohsiung

Gien Jia

A clean, crisp-looking bistro that prides itself on using local produce as much as possible. Greens and seafood from Kaohsiung, pork from Pingtung and chicken from Tainan are given a French or Italian spin that work…
Taiwanese in Kaohsiung

Chou's Angelica Duck

Cheap and cheery Sanmin St heaves with stalls brandishing all kinds of deliciousness. One of the most famous is Chou's, for its duck cooked in Angelica broth (當歸鴨; dāngguī yā), a Chinese herb that improves blood cir…
Taiwanese in Kaohsiung

Three Generations Spring Roll

At this small, 60-year-old stall, place your order and watch the lady assemble the rolls, hands darting over the huge plates of Chinese cabbage, sprouts, egg shreds, scallions, pork and powdered peanut in front of h…
French in Kaohsiung

Thomas Chien

If you're into fine dining, Taiwan's own Thomas Chien does very good contemporary French using imported meats and local ingredients like mullet roe and flower crab. Guest chefs have included the three-Michelin-star …
Market in Kaohsiung

Ruifeng Night Market

Kaohsiung's largest and best night market. Stalls cater to locals rather than big tour groups, and they're physically concentrated in one area, which makes it easy to cover many of them (if you're hungry).
Seafood in Kaohsiung

Ya Jiao Seafood Restaurant

For fresh seafood the locals recommend Ya Jiao on Cijin Island. It's the kind of place you go to for freshly cooked seafood or sashimi, drink cheap beer, and be loud. Just tell the staff how much you want to spend a…
Market in Kaohsiung

Liuhe Night Market

This market is famous islandwide for its 100-plus food stalls offering everything from squid-on-a-stick to fresh chicken wraps. You’ll see a convoy of tourist buses bringing tour groups in the evening.