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I'm William, like self-help tourism, say since like traveling, why do not they have the ability to create a backpackers who like to travel a clean and comfortable accommodation, so there is the idea of opening B & B, live in their own home away from Kaohsiung giant egg MRT / Ruifeng Night Market / high Speed Rail Zuoying / righteous old World and the Taiwan Railway train left the camp are very close, the consent His wife, began operating a rare experience in this life.

Ruifeng Night Market in Kaohsiung Zuoying variety of topics of room accommodations were located near Kaohsiung Zuoying High Speed ​​Rail / Hanshin Arena / Ruifeng Night Market in Stuart Hall Ice themed suites to true, letters Pavilion. Near Lotus Lake Scenic Area, World Games Theme Pavilion, Zuoying naval base, Banpingshan Hanshin Arena, Ruifeng Night Market, Zuoying High Speed ​​Rail, located in Kaohsiung bustling modern city, the old dog elegance.