Historic Site in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Gold Ecological Park

This park, set high above the village in green, quiet hillsides, is a true slice of 1930s Taiwan, with restored Japanese-era residential and office buildings connected by narrow walkways bordered by aged brick walls…
Museum in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Jiufen Kite Museum

This quirky private collection can seem underwhelming at first, but then it dawns on you: these things can really fly! Its collection ranges from the tiniest butterfly-shaped kites to a 3m-long phoenix with a fox in…
Historic Site in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Remains of the 13 Levels

Just across from the Golden Waterfall, on a sea-facing bluff, are the remains of a massive copper-smelting refinery (十三層; Shísāncéng) whose 13 levels descend towards the sea in rapid progression. The refinery inspir…
Waterfall in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Golden Waterfall

The water that forms this unusual fall has a yellow hue from the copper and iron deposits it picks up as it passes through Jinguashi's old mines. You'll find the waterfall down from the Gold Ecological Park as you h…
Taoist Temple in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Fushan Temple

This Earth God (Tudigong) temple is an interesting blend of Japanese, Chinese and Western elements. The outside features two old stone lamps, while the interior sports a beautiful post-and-beam structure (made witho…
Area in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Jishan Street

Narrow, covered Jishan St often leaves lasting impressions. It's really just one long covered lane, but spending a few hours here browsing the snack and craft shops is a lot of fun. Jiufen's famous stair-street, Shu…
Natural Feature in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Nanya Peculiar Rocks

Just south of Jinguashi on Provincial Hwy 2 (KM81.5) is a quirky bit of eroded coastline. The most famous formation is a swirling tower that genuinely looks like a striped ice-cream cone.
Historic Site in Jiufen & Jinguashi

Beishan Fifth Tunnel

Helmet-donning visitors can enter this old gold mine tunnel, part of the Gold Ecological Park, to get an idea of what life was like for the miners. There are wax figures of miners, simulation blasting, lively record…
Mountain in Jiufen & Jinguashi


You can't miss this emerald colossus for the way it dominates the skyline. At only 588m, Jilongshan may read like a rather puny giant, but it rises up so fast and steep, it's dizzying to stare at from below. You can…