Seasonal Foods

Top-quality victuals are available all year round, but certain foods are associated with particular seasons.

Year in Food

  • Spring (March–May)

Lanyu’s Flying Fish Festival (April/May), a traditional coming-of-age ceremony for the island’s young men, is the only time of the year that flying fish can be eaten.

  • Summer (June–August)

Try refreshing drinks made from local favourites such as winter melon, lotus root, pickled plums and mesona (a type of mint). Alternatively, down a few bowls of shaved-ice desserts with colourful sweet toppings.

  • Autumn (September–November)

Grapefruit, persimmons, dragon fruit, star fruit and pears are all in season in autumn. Crabs, too.

  • Winter (December–February)

This season is dedicated to the Taiwanese love of Chinese medicinal ingredients, chiefly dāngguī (當歸; female ginseng), in their cooking. The two classic winter dishes, cooked with ginseng and rice wine, are a soothing mutton stew (羊肉爐; Yángròu lú) and a ginger-heavy duck stew (薑母鴨; Jiāngmǔ yā).