Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Hualien

A Zhi Bao

A bright and airy lifestyle and grocery store occupying two floors of a handsome old building, A Zhi Bao has everything from stylish coasters, stationery and scarves to premium soy sauce. High ceilings, a vintage st…
Books in Hualien

Books Light

Walls of books (mostly Chinese, with a small collection of English titles), wooden shelves, cats (you're politely advised not to touch), the occasional sound of a juicer and just a whiff of mustiness contribute to a…
Homewares in Hualien

Dick's Workshop

Mr Dick Wang, owner of this workshop and souvenir store, salvages driftwood from the coast of Hualien after typhoons and, with the help of his apprentices, brings them to his workshop here where he turns them into u…