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Getting There & Away

Hsinchu is connected to Taipei by both regular trains and High Speed Rail (HSR). While the latter is faster, Hsinchu's HSR station is 10km outside the city and requires further connections to reach the centre. The regular express train from Taipei is arguably a better option because Hsinchu train station is right in the heart of the city.

High Speed Rail (HSR) Travel to/from Taipei costs NT$290 (40 minutes, every half-hour). At Hsinchu HSR, exit the station and take a train from the adjacent Liujia Station to Hsinchu train station (NT$16, 20 minutes, every half hour). A taxi from Hsinchu HSR station to the city centre should cost NT$300.

Train Hsinchu is on the main west-coast line so there are trains to all major cities. Frequent trains leave Taipei (fast NT$177, 70 minutes; slow NT$114, 1 hour 40 minutes).