Top things to do

Top Choice Gallery in Hsinchu

Guqifeng Gallery

This fantastic collection includes a four-poster bed of pure jade, dragon boats made of ivory, statues of Southeast Asian deities, intricately carved replicas (the size of two pool tables) of villages and temples, a…
Top Choice Taoist Temple in Hsinchu

City God Temple

First built in 1748, and masterfully restored in 1924, this Hsinchu landmark has the highest rank of all the city god temples in Taiwan, and is a splendid example of the fine work local artisans were capable of in t…
Top Choice Noodles in Hsinchu

Duanchunzhen Beef Noodles

Don't be disheartened by the lines – the wait for a table at this clean, modern joint is around 15 minutes if you go early. The Chungking-style beef noodles (重慶牛肉麵; Chóngqìng niúròu miàn) and stewed beef noodles (紅燒…
Top Choice Museum in Sanyi

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

Exhibits include informative displays on the origins of woodcarving in Sanyi, a knockout collection of Buddhas and Taoist gods, some gorgeous traditional household furniture and temple architectural features. Unfort…
Top Choice Taiwanese Indigenous in Tai'an Hot Springs

Aux Cimes de la Fontaine

This funky restaurant and cafe overlooks Wenshui River. The two indigenous sisters running the place whip up some fine meals (mostly hotpot and hot plates), and play good music to boot.
Museum in Nanzhuang

Saisiyat Folklore Museum

This lake-side museum is dedicated to the Saisiyat (賽夏族) and their intriguing Festival of the Short People (賽夏族矮靈祭; Sàixiàzú Ǎlíngjì; the Pas-ta'ai Ritual). The Saisiyat ('the true people'), with just over 5000 memb…
Village in Nanzhuang

Nanzhuang Village

Nanzhuang is known for its tung trees, which were planted all over the hills of Miaoli by the Japanese and whose blossoms – dubbed 'May snow' in these parts – are loved for their snowlike appearance. There's a laund…
Historic Building in Beipu

Jiang A-sin Mansion

This sumptuous mansion built in the late 1940s served as the home and reception hall of wealthy Beipu tea merchant and county councillor Jiang A-sin. It was designed by Taiwanese architect Peng Yuli (彭玉理), who took …
Forest in Wuling Forest Recreation Area

Wuling Farm

Wuling Farm, with its crisp air, high-altitude vistas, maples and cherry blossoms (peach and plum blossoms as well), is very relaxing and pretty, and hence popular with Taiwanese families seeking much needed respite…
Temple in Beipu

Zhitian Temple

A charming traditional temple (established in 1835) dedicated to Guanyin. Some notable features to look for include the carved stone pillars, both out front and especially within the main hall (which features tales …