Top things to do in Green Island

Top Choice Historic Site in Green Island

Green Island Human Rights Cultural Park

Standing forlorn on a windswept coast, its back to a sheer cliff, this complex is a sobering reminder of Taiwan's White Terror and Martial Law periods (1949–87). The park site is a former prison, sardonically referr…
Landmark in Green Island

Little Great Wall

Green Island has some intriguing volcanic-rock formations. The 300m-long promontory called Little Great Wall is the northern wall of the crater of the volcano that formed Green Island. It leads to a pavilion where y…
Taoist Shrine in Green Island

Guanyin Cave

The underground Guanyin Cave is dedicated to goddess Guanyin and features a stalagmite wrapped with a red cape. Legend has it that during the Qing dynasty a fisherman became lost at sea and a fiery red light came do…
Historic Site in Green Island

13th Squadron Graveyard

The '13th Squadron' referred to political prisoners who died on the island from disease or hard labour. Those whose families were too far away or too intimidated to claim the bodies were buried on the side of a hill…
Cave in Green Island

Swallows Cave

About 500m northeast of the Human Rights Cultural Park is this sea cave with remnants of swallows nests and a sinister past. It was where inmates rehearsed plays as well as an execution ground and a mortuary. Swallo…
Landmark in Green Island

Sleeping Beauty Rock

Volcanic rock formation that has taken on the form of a sleeping woman. The path known as Little Great Wall leads to a tiny pagoda that provides the best vantage point for viewing the rock.
Seafood in Green Island

Crazy Fried Monica Restaurant Seafood

On the main street of Nanliao Village, this restaurant offers an easy-going atmosphere and reasonably priced seafood, including, on occasion, the boss's catch of the day. It's popular with Taiwan university students…
Area in Green Island

Yutzu Lake

Not a lake but a sheltered cove, Yutzu Lake is the site of the first village on the island. Some old stone houses still remain and nearby is a sea-eroded cave worth a look.
Lighthouse in Green Island

Green Island Lighthouse

The 33m-high Green Island Lighthouse was built in 1937 under the Japanese after the American ship President Hoover struck a reef and sank.
International in Green Island

Mr Hot Dog

Adjacent to Family Mart, this restaurant and bar serves passable pasta, pizzas and fresh coffee.