Top Choice Forest in Baling

Lalashan Forest Reserve

This 63.9 sq km expanse of mixed forest holds one of the largest stands of ancient red hinoki cypress trees left in Taiwan. The most ancient of the ancients is over 2800 years old, but there are a hundred more that …
Park in Fusing

Dongyanshan Forest Recreation Area

This 916-hectare forest recreation area's altitude ranges from 650m to 1200m, making it a perfect cool retreat in summer. There are many trails, some of which are nature interpretation walks suitable for families, w…
Waterfall in Fusing

Xiao Wulai Waterfall

This long cascading waterfall can be viewed up close or from a ridge half a kilometre away. On a foggy day, the sweeping scene of steep mountain peaks and the long waterfall bears a remarkable likeness to the famous…