Foguangshan attractions

Temple in Foguangshan


Covering five hills and 30 hectares, Taiwan's largest Buddhist monastery consists of original Buddhist facilities from the '70s and '80s – a solemn main hall, shrines, small temples, and educational and burial facil…
Museum in Foguangshan

Buddha Memorial Center

This museum complex in Foguangshan houses 12 symmetrically arranged pagodas and a giant Buddha sitting atop the main hall. Inside the main hall you’ll find a 4D theatre, a museum exhibiting Buddhist artefacts, and s…
Buddhist Site in Foguangshan

Great Buddha Land

Here in Great Buddha Land you’ll see a 36m Amitabha Buddha towering over a garden of 480 smaller Buddha statues.
Buddhist Site in Foguangshan

Pure Land Cave

The Disneyesque Pure Land Cave has animated figures and a light show.