Top Choice Breakfast in Chiayi

Egg Pancake with Tonkatsu

This fabulous breakfast place in an alley next to Maison de Chine does not have a name but you'll recognise it by the crowd in front of it. The family that works here whips up five-dozen varieties of sandwiches and …
Top Choice Taiwanese in Chiayi

Do Right

Do Right sure does it right. Students, professionals and expats come to this cafe for its hearty yet refined Taiwanese home cooking and delectable cakes and pastries. Do Right occupies the premises of an old rice mi…
Top Choice Taiwanese in Chiayi

Smart Fish

This hugely popular restaurant deep fries the heads and tails of fresh silver carp, then simmers them in a milky pork broth with an assortment of vegetables, fungus and tofu, and a dollop of satay sauce. The end pro…
Top Choice Taiwanese in Chiayi

Minxiong Goose

Zhongle Rd, just across from Minxiong Train Station, is lined with shops selling a Minxiong speciality – goose! But this shop has the most customers. The birds are braised till flavourful and juicy then thinly slice…
Taiwanese in Chiayi

Pen Shui Turkey Rice

Everyone in Taiwan knows that Chiayi is famous for its turkey rice dish (火雞肉飯; huǒjīròu fàn). This is the place that started it all 60-odd years ago.
Desserts in Chiayi

Grannie's Barley Soup

The old lady who runs this stall to support her two sick sons uses only natural ingredients and makes all her dessert soups and sweet drinks the old-fashioned way – from scratch and by hand. Popular items include th…
Noodles in Chiayi

Jinlu Noodles

This shop has been selling noodles since they were NT$1 a bowl. The signature strands (錦魯焿麵; jǐnlǔ gēngmiàn) come with fish meat in a thick soup. If you prefer your noodles al dente, try them dry-tossed (乾麵; gān mià…
Taiwanese in Chiayi

Huihuang Beef Shop

Behind Chaotian Temple, where Bo'ai Rd (博愛路) meets Datong Rd (大同路), a green awning and open frontage mark this old shop specialising in local beef (牛肉; niúròu), which is served lightly blanched, in soup, or braised.…
Vegetarian in Chiayi

Gongbing Vegetarian Restaurant

Long-running vegetarian restaurant with buffet and a la carte options.
Market in Chiayi

Wenhua Road Night Market

Good for cheap food. Located between Mincyuan and Chuei Yang Rds.