Top Choice Taoist Temple in Changhua

Nanyao Temple

Located 2km south of Changhua train station, this remarkable temple is one of the stops on the Matsu Pilgrimage. The distinctive character of the complex lies in the hall in the middle: check out the Doric columns, …
Top Choice Temple in Changhua

Nantian Temple

In the southern foothills of Baguashan is this bizarre temple and haunted house where parents used to take their children to scare them into obedience. Using mechanised animatronic dioramas and eerie lighting, the h…
Notable Building in Changhua

Fan-Shaped Train Garage

The fan-shaped train garage is the last of its kind in Taiwan. In essence, a single line of track connects with a short section of rotatable track from which 12 radial tracks branch out. A train engine rides up onto…
Landmark in Changhua

Xihu Sugar Refinery

The heavy roller mills, boiling vats and centrifuges you see in this large and photogenic refinery once produced the largest volume of sugar per day in Taiwan. The refinery, in operation from 1921 to 2002, also has …
Confucian Temple in Changhua

Confucius Temple

This 1726 beauty both ranks as one of the oldest Confucian temples in Taiwan and as a first-class historical relic. Inside the ancestral hall, there's an inscribed plaque donated by the Qing-dynasty emperor Chien Lo…
Area in Changhua


Changhua is best known for the 22m-high Great Buddha Statue that sits atop Baguashan looking down over the city.
Museum in Changhua

Changhua Arts Museum

The museum sits in a lovely heritage building, and on the grounds of the museum is the 300-year-old Hongmao Well (紅毛井; Hóngmáo Jǐng), the last of the original Dutch-built wells (hence the name Hongmao, meaning 'red …
Buddhist Site in Changhua

Great Buddha Statue

At the top of Baguashan is a large black Buddha statue sitting on a golden lotus. You can go inside the 22m-tall structure which has five floors featuring a shrine flanked by fantastical sculptures of phoenixes and …
Taoist Temple in Changhua

Yuanching Temple

This splendid southern-style temple, founded in 1763, boasts elegant, swallowtail rooftop eaves and a wealth of fine interior woodcarvings. The resident deity is the supreme Jade Emperor.
Fountain in Changhua

Nine Dragons Pond

The pond is situated in a semi-circular plaza reachable via a flight of stairs to your left when you finish your ascent to the top of Baguashan. Above it is the viewing deck with the wooden walking, and to your righ…