Top Choice Historic Site in Beigan

Peace Memorial Park

With its high, rocky peninsula, the eastern edge of Beigan was once an important part of the ROC's military defence of Matsu. The entire zone, now a memorial park, is one of the island's most intriguing military sit…
Village in Beigan

Ciaozai Village

Ciaozai Village, the island's closest village to Fujian across the water, sits on the northwest coast of the island, at the foot of Leishan (Thunder Mountain). Ciaozai, nestled in a cove that protects it from the no…
Beach in Beigan

Turtle Island Beach

Cinbi Village overlooks this nice little patch of beach facing a small cluster of rounded rocks. It's a lovely place to swim most of the year.
Beach in Beigan

Banli Beach

Beigan's longest and prettiest beach is just up the road from where boats dock. There are changing rooms and showers.
Beach in Beigan

Tanghou Beach

This thin strip of sand, divided by a road, connects the villages of Tangci and Hou'ao. Before the road was built locals had to wade through water during high tide to travel between the two villages.
Village in Beigan

Cinbi Village

Chief among the preserved villages of Beigan is Cinbi Village, comprising interconnected stone homes built into the side of Pishan (Bi Mountain), overlooking Turtle Island. The houses are built from slabs of granite…
Village in Beigan

Hou'ao Village

At the very eastern edge of the island is Hou'ao Village, a small village that used to be cut off from the main island during high tide. There's a small section of old houses off the main street that are worth check…