Top Choice Notable Building in Tainan

Hayashi Department Store

This art-deco department store from the 1930s so close to the hearts of Tainaners has been beautifully restored and finally reopened its doors in 2013 after several decades of disuse. Do go inside just to ascend the…
Top Choice Architecture in Tainan

Land Bank

The neoclassical-style Land Bank dates from 1928. Japanese architects were heavily influenced by Western ideas at the time and neoclassical revival was a dominant style for public monuments in the US and Europe, so …
Notable Building in Changhua

Fan-Shaped Train Garage

The fan-shaped train garage is the last of its kind in Taiwan. In essence, a single line of track connects with a short section of rotatable track from which 12 radial tracks branch out. A train engine rides up onto…
Notable Building in Tainan

Old Japanese Martial Arts Academy

This sleek and poised Japanese building next to the Confucius Temple was a butokuden, a place where the Japanese taught and promoted martial arts like kendo in Tainan. It's one of Taiwan's largest buildings of its t…
Architecture in Taichung

Luce Memorial Chapel

An early work (1963) of IM Pei, the chapel that resembles a teepee is the landmark of Tunghai University. It stands on a lawn, one of many on the luxuriant campus founded by Methodist missionaries over 60 years ago.…
Notable Building in Kaohsiung

Ciaotou Sugar Factory

Taiwan's first modern sugar factory (c1901) is no longer in use, but on some days you can still see the old mechanisms and vats. There's also an old village here that retains most of its early-20th-century flavour, …
Notable Building in Taichung

Taichung Baseball Field

Adjacent to Taichung Broadcasting Bureau is a piece of interesting nostalgic sports architecture. This old stadium (1935) was once the home of several Taichung baseball teams, including the Taichung Agan (臺中金剛) of t…
Notable Building in Taipei's Suburbs

Luzhou Lee Residence House

This sprawling traditional red-brick sìhéyuàn (四合院; four-sided courtyard) residence has miraculously survived demolition. Take the MRT to Luzhou station, take Exit 1 and cross the street to Zhongzheng Rd. Follow thi…
Notable Building in Meinong

Minongjhuang Oblation Furnace

The written word enjoyed such a sacred position in the world of the ancients that they built furnaces just for disposing of written paper. They're called 'pagoda of respect for words' (敬字亭), among other names. This …
Notable Building in Kaohsiung

Formosa Boulevard KMRT Station

Stop to see the resplendent Dome of Light (光之穹頂; Guāngzhī Qióngdǐng) by Italian glass artist Narcissus Quagliata. Formosa Blvd is south of the main train station.