Zeus Massage Center (Nanjing Branch)

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Tour description

「Zeus Massage Center」is a well-reputed massage shop across Taipei City for its experienced massage masters. Since its establishment 3 decades ago, it's been aiming to provide superb massage experience to its guests, arranging only experienced masseurs/masseuses. To care for the privacy of the guests, the massage will be provided in private rooms for each group of guests.

Known as an experienced high-end massage provider in the city, Zeus Massage Center selected only the most experienced masseurs/masseuses, assuring the top quality service. It is also a massage shop beloved by many celebrities and entrepreneurs due to its discreet but extraordinary service. Before the massage, you will be served with a cup of tea or coffee for refreshment. Afterwards, you are encourage to take a shower as the preparation for the massage. As the massage begins, a sense of relaxation floods over the body, releasing all the tiredness accrued from your travel. There are now 3 different lengths of massage to be chosen. Other services such as facial treatment, manicure/pedicure are also available in the center.

What's included

  • Light refreshments
  • 60/90/120 minutes massage

What's not included

  • Gratuities