Slow Food in Tea Mountains

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Pouchong Tea Bubble Dessert MakingTaiwan traditional glutinous rice ball add some famous Pouchong Tea powder , Guess what the flavor will be like! See what happen when two old soul meet together. The unexpected taste will make your mouth water. Hand-making your own tea bubble and have a nice afternoon tea in Pingling.Slow Food Movement in PinglingDiscover a new world of tea cuisine in the tea village. Slow your pace down to feel the joys of eating "bento" which made of fresh vegetable grow by farmers in Pingling and indulge yourself beside the green nature at Jingualiao River. Wandering around the Pingling old street, connecting with the passion local stores and tasting the tea eggs, tea flavor steamed bun or tea mochi.
Pinglin old street tour with warm hospitalityWalk into the Pinglin old street, you can sample all kinds of tea souvenir and snacks at eateries. Must-tires are tea eggs, tea oil noodles and tea oil with rice and minced meat, also tea mochi – a soft gooey glutinous-rice snack.Visit the hundred-year-old, three-linked stone house. Have a chat with locals, he might welcome you into his place for tea. Picnic by the crystal clear streamHave you try creative local food with tea inside? Add tea as an ingredient, become "Tea Braise Meat" , "Tea Tortilla Spanish Omelet", more innovated dishes waiting for you to taste. Pumpkin No. 3 cook fresh, seasonal vegetable grown by neighbor.Find your inner peace in Pinglin. Embracing a slow paced life here.Learn tea knowledge with a hundred-old tea industryLook around tea plantation in Pinglin, amazed by this breathtaking sights. Learn about the delicate art of tea-making that this town thrives on. There’s always something to explore in tea, how to produce, how to savor it and tea culture. Come to tea village and seek for tea knowledge ,let tea master shares every details about their tasty tea secret.Tea mountains GiveawayAfter tea mountains trip,fill out our survey and bring the seasonal tea back home.

What’s included

  • A set of Lunch with on-season ingredients,
  • Tea master local Guide
  • Special dessert of tea time
  • All materials for tasting different kinds of tea
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Coffee and/or Tea

What’s not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Transportation (bus fee only)
  • Public Transportation:
  • take the 923 bus at 10am to Pinglin Junior high school.If you drive the car by yourself
  • Google ” Pinglin junior high school
  • 923 bus Route: