Chinese in Tamsui

Red Castle 1899

This Victorian-style building is an architectural landmark in Tamsui, and was built between 1895 and 1899. Beautifully restored and reborn as a swank eatery, Red Castle serves both Western and Chinese dishes. To fin…
Balinese in Tamsui

Rong-Ti Waterfront Restaurant

Long-running favourite spot to have an evening drink and enjoy the reflections of the lights on the river. The food is Indonesian inspired and features a lot of heavy meat dishes – grilled steak, roasted pork and gi…
Street Food in Tamsui

Gongming Street

This popular market street by the MRT has stacks of stalls and shops selling local snacks such as a-gei and grilled squid, chicken and corn.
Taiwanese in Tamsui

Laopai Wenhua A-gei

Tamsui's best a-gei (阿給; ã gěi) is in this old shop just before the beginning of Missionary Rd.