Top Choice Desserts in Beitou

North Pole Soft Ice Special Shop

Open since 1961, and pretty much unchanged since then, this shaved ice place is no-frills deliciousness. Get a cup of peanut, pearl and red bean shaved ice delight – their bestseller at NT$45 – and watch the world g…
Vegan in Xindian

Loving Hut

This cute, brightly lit and friendly place with yellow laminate tables offers a Taiwanese twist on pasta and Italian rice dishes using mushrooms, tofu and cashews. It's located just behind Xindian MRT station, where…
Pub Food in Xindian

Green Hornet Cafe

This Canadian-run (the Moosehead beer on the menu is a dead giveaway) pub and restaurant is popular with expats and serves decent Tex Mex, pastas and kids' favourites such as mac and cheese. Look for the Guinness si…
Ramen in Beitou

Man Ke Wu Hot Spring Noodles

This popular restaurant serves fantastic ramen noodles (拉麵; lāmiàn) in a miso base prepared with hot-spring water. Try the standard ramen with pork (正油叉燒; zhèngyóu chāshāo), with kimchi (泡菜叉燒; pàocài chāshāo) or wit…
Chinese in Bali

To House

This Alice-in-Wonderland restaurant, just south of the Shihsanhang Museum, has a walled-in garden with more than 20 rabbits bouncing around, a chicken, a cockatoo and a large speckled pig (usually asleep). Food (a s…
Chinese in Tamsui

Red Castle 1899

This Victorian-style building is an architectural landmark in Tamsui, and was built between 1895 and 1899. Beautifully restored and reborn as a swank eatery, Red Castle serves both Western and Chinese dishes. To fin…
Thai in Bali


The yellow walls and palm trees bestow a fun tropical feel on this busy Thai restaurant, a 10-minute walk north of the ferry pier along the waterfront. There are lovely views of the river from the garden, which is g…
Balinese in Tamsui

Rong-Ti Waterfront Restaurant

Long-running favourite spot to have an evening drink and enjoy the reflections of the lights on the river. The food is Indonesian inspired and features a lot of heavy meat dishes – grilled steak, roasted pork and gi…
Bakery in Bali

Twin Sisters

Join the locals – you can spot this place as it's the only one with a long line – for bags of sugary doughnuts twisted into sticks, puffed into balls or just shaped like a regular ring with a hole.
Street Food in Tamsui

Gongming Street

This popular market street by the MRT has stacks of stalls and shops selling local snacks such as a-gei and grilled squid, chicken and corn.