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Top Choice Teahouse in Maokong

Yaoyue Teahouse

This very popular 24-hour teahouse is set off by itself in a beautiful valley. There are lots of tables with great views, and a busy kitchen serving reasonably priced Chinese dishes (NT$120 to NT$350) and dim sum, i…
Top Choice Teahouse in Maokong

Zi Zai Tian

This gem is set inside a remodelled traditional stone farmhouse and its leafy outside garden. Packed with old hikers in the mornings, the teahouse is usually very quiet during the rest of the day and at night.To get…
Cable Car in Maokong

Maokong Gondola

This 4km-long, 30-minute gondola ride is as much an attraction as a mode of transport. On clear days and nights the views across Taipei and up the lush Zhinan River valley are enchanting; on foggy days they are drea…
Teahouse in Maokong

Yuan Xu Yuan

Just a minute's walk downhill from Maokong station, Yuan Xu Yuan is noted for its classical styling, indoor pond and good city views. It's also the only place where you can spread out with cushions and pillows in pr…
Temple in Maokong

Zhinan Temple

The serene and stately Zhinan Temple sits high above Wenshan District in a near feng shui–perfect perch: two rivers converge in the valley below, while lush wooded hills flank its rear halls. First built in 1891, th…
Teahouse in Maokong

Red Wood House

This long-running favourite in the Maokong area has old-style red-brick verandahs offering excellent views across a green valley. The food here (dishes NT$260 to NT$460) is quite good too, especially the chicken sou…
Museum in Maokong

Tea Research and Promotion Centre

This lovely red-brick building, about a 20-minute walk from Maokong station, has tranquil gardens, free tea, and a demonstration hall showing the excruciating process that goes into making a decent brew from picking…
Teahouse in Maokong


The owners claim they run the oldest tea farm in Maokong. Try their namesake liùjìxiāng tea (six-seasons fragrant). Lioujisiang is a 10-minute walk from Maokong Gondola Station. The arch beside the teahouse leads to…
Waterfall in Maokong

Silver Stream Cave Waterfall

This is a narrow waterfall that flows out of a cave; the rock face behind has a spooky temple built into the stone.