Top Choice Taoist Temple in Beitou

Guandu Temple

Dating back to 1661, this gawdy, grand, multistorey temple (one of Taipei's oldest) is built right into the side of a mountain. In fact, a 100m-plus tunnel runs through the mountain itself. Take either flight of ste…
Area in Beitou

Thermal Valley

Throughout the Japanese era this geothermal valley was considered one of Taiwan's great scenic wonders. The area has been much altered since, so it isn't quite that special any more, but the stone-lined basin filled…
Buddhist Temple in Beitou

Puji Temple

This Japanese-style wooden temple was built in 1905 and is dedicated to Guanyin. To get here ascend the steps opposite the Bank of Taiwan Dormitories and go in through the small latched gate on your right. The templ…
Park in Beitou

Guandu Nature Park

Ten years in the planning, this 57-hectare nature reserve opened in 2001 under the control of the Wild Bird Society of Taipei. There's a visitor centre and good trails and hides, as well as over 100 species of birds…
Historic Building in Beitou

Plum Garden

This fairly modest two-storey residence combines Japanese and Western architectural styles and dates back to the late 1930s. It's famous for being the home of Chinese master calligrapher Youren Yu in the 1950s. It's…
Museum in Beitou

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Built in 1913 as the Beitou Public Baths, this handsome building is a copy of the bathhouses in Shizuokaken Idouyama in Japan. It is also a good example of the turn-of-the century fascination among Japanese architec…
Museum in Beitou

Beitou Museum

This museum opened in 2008 in a Japanese-style building constructed in 1921 as a high-class hotel. The 1st floor features exhibits of various folk arts, such as cochin (koji) pottery, wood and stone carving, and pup…
Museum in Beitou

Ketagalan Culture Centre

This multistorey centre explores Taiwan's indigenous people's culture with exhibits, performances, pictures and artefacts. These are the usual suspects – baskets, ladles and traditional costumes – but there are also…
Library in Beitou

Beitou Library

Opened in 2006, this beautiful wooden building was Taiwan's first green construction project. You can go inside and wander about or just hang out on the decks.