Must see attractions in Hiva Oa

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    Iipona is one of the best-preserved archaeological sites in French Polynesia. You’ll be moved by its eeriness and impressed by the five monumental tiki –…

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    Calvaire Cemetery

    A must-see for Gauguin and Brel devotees is the Calvaire Cemetery, perched on a hill overlooking Atuona. You will find this frangipani-filled graveyard an…

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    Tehueto Petroglyphs

    Anyone with an interest in ancient Marquesan civilisation shouldn’t leave Atuona without a visit to the Tehueto petroglyphs. You’ll find a massive rock…

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    Tiki Moe One

    In Hanapaaoa, ask a local to take you to the Tiki Moe One, hidden on a hillside. One of the quirkiest statues in the Marquesas, it features a carved crown…

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    Espace Culturel Paul Gauguin

    A homage to Gauguin that traces the artist's life through locally painted reproductions of his art. The main signs are translated into English but the…

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    Tohua Pehe Kua

    On the property of the restaurant Pehekua – Chez Marie-Antoinette, shortly before the Iipona site, is a small graveyard with the tomb of the valley’s last…

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    Tevitete Ancient Cemetery

    This isolated, poignant site about 2km up in a valley (ask for directions) features a series of tombs made of stones; note the small tiki that are carved…

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    Centre Jacques Brel

    Behind the Espace Culturel Paul Gauguin you’ll find a big aircraft hangar. In the centre is Jacques Brel’s plane, Jojo; faded posters tracing the musician…

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    Atuona Beach

    Framed by basaltic cliffs, this wide curve of black sand is very scenic – it inspired painter Paul Gauguin, which is saying a lot – but it’s not…

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    Smiling Tiki

    Hiva Oa’s most bizarre statue can be found near the road to the airport, about 10km from Atuona. About 1m in height, it stands alone in a clearing. To…

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    Tohua Pepeu

    Restored for the 1991 Marquesas Arts Festival, the Tohua Pepeu faces Banque Socredo in the centre of town. It’s used today as a festivities centre, where…

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    Tohua Upeke

    Near the village of Taaoa, 7km southwest of Atuona, the eerie Tohua Upeke, with more than 1000 pae pae, some of which are restored, is a definite must see…

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    Catholic Church

    The Catholic church, right in the centre of Atuona, is worth a peek for its elegant architecture that combines wood and stone.

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    The Atuona mayor's office.