Museum in Lattakia

National Museum of Lattakia

This small museum is housed in a charming old khan near the waterfront. The best of the museum’s displays are inscribed tablets from Ugarit, beautiful jewellery, coins and figurines, ceramics and pottery and a Crusa…
Beach in Lattakia

Shaati al-Azraq

Six kilometres north of town, Shaati al-Azraq is Syria's premier coastal resort. While there are a few small stretches of sand in the area, access to the best stretches of beach is controlled by the Le Meridien and …
Monument in Lattakia


Lattakia has precious little to show for its 3000 or so years of history. More or less the only existing monument is a right-angled Tetraporticus, a grouping of four columns, which is all that's left of a Roman gate…