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Aspasia Restaurant

Hama’s best restaurant occupies a splendid, open-stone courtyard in the old town, but it’s not just about atmosphere here. The food is delicious with an extensive menu that encompasses the usual range of mezze, as w…
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Artists’ Palace

The so-called Artists' Palace occupies a former khan, or travellers' inn; the old storerooms are now used as makeshift studio and exhibition spaces for local artists, some of whose work is for sale. The khan doesn't…
Museum in Hama

Azem Palace Museum

This small but lovely museum was once the residence of the governor, As’ad Pasha al-Azem (r 1700-42). The haramlek (women’s quarters), behind the ticket office, and the upstairs courtyard are particularly beautiful,…
Religious Site in Hama

Grand Mosque

About 400m southwest of the citadel is the Grand Mosque, which, after being almost completely destroyed in the fighting of 1982, has since been faithfully restored. It was originally built by the Umayyads in the 8th…
Museum in Hama

Hama Museum

A 4th-century-AD mosaic depicting a noria is one of the artefacts displayed in the museum, 1.5km north of the centre. Other exhibits cover the region in the Iron Age, Roman and Islamic periods. All are well presente…
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Hammam al-Uthmaniyya

The historic Hammam al-Uthmaniyya, is spotlessly clean and popular with the locals.
Museum in Hama

Azze Hrawe

From the Church of the Girdle of Our Lady, follow the road that heads off to the north, taking the first right for the Azze Hrawe, a Mamluk-era residence of impressive size. It was being restored at the time of rese…
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In the big Department of Antiquities building on the main street, Homs' Museum contains a rather modest collection of artefacts, from prehistoric to early Islamic, unearthed in the region. Labelling is in Arabic onl…
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Four Norias

On the banks of the river beside the norias, around 500m east of the centre, this large open-air terrace restaurant is popular with families and gets lively on summer evenings. There’s a long list of mezze and kebab…
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Le Jardin

Overlooking the splendid An-Nuri Mosque, river and water wheels, serves good mezze, alcohol and nargileh.