Arts & Crafts in Aleppo


On the fringes of the souq, this place stocks a small but superb range of high-quality textiles, tablecloths, inlaid backgammon boards and boxes. However, the speciality is rustic kilims, silk rugs and antique carpe…
Antiques in Aleppo

Orient House Antiques

Over in Al-Jdeida, the Beit Sissi store is a wonderful place to browse for antiques and bric-a-brac.
Market in Aleppo

Aleppo Souq

The best place to shop in Aleppo is without a doubt the souqs of the Old City and great buys include textiles, brocade, gold, silver, carpets and olive soap. Although the pressure to buy has grown in recent years, t…
Market in Aleppo

Souq al-Hibal

Squeezed around the Great Mosque are veins of parallel narrow alleys that in places are barely wide enough for people to pass each other. Here, Souq al-Hibal is devoted to shops selling cord, braid and rope, while S…
Market in Aleppo

Souq az-Zarb

A good place to head for jalabiyyas (robes) or a keffiyeh. Shops in the souq open from early in the morning until around 6pm Saturday to Thursday, while on Friday virtually the whole souq closes and is eerily desert…
Arts & Crafts in Aleppo

Souq al-Shouna

A handicrafts market behind the sheesha cafes on the southwestern side of the citadel. While there are price tags, bargaining is still possible, although not required, and it’s a good place to get an idea of prices …