Mosque in Aleppo

Great Mosque

On the northern edge of the souqs, this is the younger sibling (by 10 years) of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. Its most impressive feature is its freestanding minaret dating from 1090. Inside the mosque is a fine …
Hamam in Aleppo

Hammam al-Nahaseen

This renovated, men-only place, in the heart of the souq just south of the Great Mosque, is open long hours and is still a local favourite, despite increasingly attracting tourists.
Bath House in Aleppo

Hammam Yalbougha an-Nasry

Originally constructed in 1491, Hammam Yalbougha an-Nasry was one of Syria's finest working bathhouses and something of a city showpiece, yet was closed for maintenance at the time of research with no opening date f…
Museum in Aleppo

Museum Of Popular Tradition

One of the main attractions here, housed in the lovely Beit Ajiqbash (1757). The artefacts showcasing everyday life in centuries past are interesting enough, but it’s the splendid architecture and intricate interior…
Museum in Aleppo

National Museum

Aleppo’s main museum could be mistaken for a sports hall if it weren’t for the extraordinary colonnade of giant granite figures that fronts the entrance. The wide-eyed characters are replicas of pillars that once su…
Historic Building in Aleppo

Al-Shibani School

South of the main souq, the splendid 16th-century Al-Shibani School houses a permanent exhibition, which details the work underway to make the city more liveable.
in Qala’at Samaan

Qala’at Samaan

Mosque in Aleppo

Al-Adliyya Mosque

Towards the bottom of Souq al-Nahaseen, just before it becomes Sharia Bab Qinnesrin, a short passageway leads to Al-Adliyya Mosque, built in 1555 and one of the city’s major Ottoman-era mosques. It’s worth a quick l…
Religious Site in Aleppo

Al-Bahramiyya Mosque

A few steps along from where the souq proper starts, on the right is Al-Bahramiyya Mosque , built in early Ottoman style in the late 16th century.
Religious Site in Aleppo

Al-Khosrowiyya Mosque

Al-Khosrowiyya Mosque is notable for being one of the earliest works of the famed Turkish architect Sinan, dating to 1537. It still serves as the main place of worship for the neighbourhood and each Friday streams o…