Top things to do in Val de Travers

Top Choice Natural Feature in Val de Travers

Creux du Van

About 14km east of Môtiers, a short walk leads to the enormous abyss known as the Creux du Van (Rocky Hole) – van is a word of Celtic origin meaning 'rock'. Created by glacial erosion, the spectacular crescent-moon …
Top Choice Museum in Val de Travers

Maison de l'Absinthe

Learn all about absinthe (and sample the hard stuff in the bar afterwards) in this chic museum that annotates the history of the potent liqueur (with, some say, hallucinogenic properties), its influence on some of t…
Irish Pub in Val de Travers


This Irish pub in Fleurier with an awesome terrace out front is the go-to spot on the highway for passing groups of cyclists, hikers and motorists. It's got a great friendly vibe, over 60 world beers, absinthe (of c…
Museum in Val de Travers

Centre International de la Mécanique d'Art

The art of making music boxes is documented in this museum in Sainte-Croix, 13km southwest of Fleurier. Music boxes contain a rotating spiked cylinder that bends and releases metal prongs, causing them to vibrate an…
Distillery in Val de Travers

Distillerie Blackmint Kübler et Wyss

In 2005, following Switzerland’s lifting of its absinthe ban, this place distilled its first true and authentic batch of the mythical brew from valley-grown wormwood. Mix one part crystal-clear liqueur with five par…
Museum in Val de Travers

Musée de l'automobile Le Manège

If you're traveling in a group (or have cash to burn) and you're a fan of fancy historic cars, you'll love this private collection of more than 20 exquisite antique automobiles (1897–1980) and the château grounds on…
Music in Val de Travers

Hors Tribu

This compact indie-music festival has reached its second decade, bringing predominantly Swiss and European artists across a range of genres to the fields of the Val de Travers, over a weekend in August.