Stein am Rhein attractions

Square in Stein am Rhein


Often hailed as Switzerland’s most beautiful town square (no mean feat!), the elongated Rathausplatz often elicits little gasps of wonder because it's so darned ornate. The fresco-festooned Rathaus (town hall) soars…
Museum in Stein am Rhein

Klostermuseum St Georgen

This monastery museum sits between the Rathaus and the Rhine. A Benedictine monastery was built here in 1007, but what you see today, including the cloister and the magnificent Festsaal (grand dining room), is large…
Museum in Stein am Rhein

Museum Lindwurm

A four-storey house has been converted into this museum, whose living rooms, servants’ quarters and kitchen replicate the conditions enjoyed in the mid-19th century by a bourgeois family.