Gastronomy in St Gallen

Einstein Gourmet

Sebastian Zier and Moses Ceylan head up this Michelin-starred restaurant, elevating French cuisine with outstanding ingredients, originality and presentation panache. Courses are listed in the modern, ingredient-dri…
Swiss in St Gallen


Creaking with 500 years of personality, this late-medieval wine tavern houses a wood-panelled, candlelit restaurant that showcases all the typical Erststock-Beizli (1st-floor tavern) specialities, from bratwurst wit…
International in St Gallen


Floor-to-ceiling windows, slick, monochrome decor and a ceiling funkily lit like a night sky set the scene for market-fresh, season-driven cuisine at Candela. The chef's belief in local sourcing shines in creative d…
International in St Gallen

Wirtschaft Zur Alten Post

Things are a little ritzy at this upmarket but historical Beizl (tavern), where St Gallen specialities like fat veal sausages with rösti are complemented by more original creations such as baby monkfish with warm ve…
Vietnamese in St Gallen


If you're tired of traditional Swiss grub, swing across to this nicely chilled, bistro-style Vietnamese restaurant. Go for a classic bowl of belly-warming pho bo (rice-noodle soup with beef, bamboo shoots and herbs)…
Swiss in St Gallen

Am Gallusplatz

Opposite the cathedral, you can dine below atmospheric vaults at this tavern, which was a horse stable in a former life and still has a whiff of late-medieval charm about it. The menu plays up meaty classics such as…
Cafe in St Gallen


Join the midday crowds for delicious focaccia prepared with homemade antipasti and spreads and accompanied by speciality teas and coffees. Staff will also rustle up more substantial pasta mains if you're hungry.
Hot Dogs in St Gallen

Metzgerei Gemperli

Bite into the best OLMA bratwurst – found only in St Gallen, this soft, white veal bratwurst is made with spices and bacon and has a crispy brown skin – served plain in a Bürli (bun), at this butcher–sausage stand c…