Solothurn attractions

Top Choice Cathedral in Solothurn

St Ursen-Kathedrale

Architect Gaetano Matteo Pisoni restrained himself with the classical Italianate facade of Solothurn’s monolithic 18th-century cathedral, but went wild inside with a white-and-gilt trip of wedding-cake baroque.
Top Choice Gallery in Solothurn


The centrepiece of Solothurn's Fine Arts Museum is Ferdinand Hodler’s famous portrait of William Tell (looking a bit like a red-haired, bearded Goliath in a white hippy top and short trousers). The Madonna of Soloth…
Landmark in Solothurn


A knight, a king and a Grim Reaper jig on the hour atop this 12th-century astronomical clock with its hands reversed so the smaller one shows the minutes. It's on Marktplatz, which springs to life during the Wednesd…
Church in Solothurn


The unprepossessing facade of this church (1680–89) disguises an interior of baroque embellishments and stucco work. All the ‘marble’ in here is fake – mere spruced-up wood and plaster.
Museum in Solothurn

Museum Altes Zeughaus

Fresh from extensive renovations completed in late 2016, the early 17th-century rust-coloured facade of this vast, multi-windowed arsenal museum is a reminder that Solothurn was once a centre for mercenaries, many o…
Fountain in Solothurn


West of the clock tower, this fountain (1561) portrays a blindfolded Justice, holding aloft a sword, while the four most important contemporary figures in Europe sit at her feet: the Holy Roman Emperor, the Pope, th…
Gate in Solothurn


Just east of the cathedral, this is Solothurn's most attractive city gate. Nearby, the city’s former bastion makes a decent picnic spot.