Worth a Trip: Klettgau

West of Schaffhausen spreads the red-wine-producing territory of Klettgau, which spills into neighbouring Germany. Like sheets of corduroy, the serried ranks of mostly Pinot noir vineyards are draped over pea-green fields and gentle rises.

Sprinkled about this soothing countryside are engaging villages such as medieval Neunkirch, 13km from Schaffhausen. Others worth passing through include Beringen, Hallau and Osterfingen. Some of these slow-paced hamlets come to life in mid-October for wine festivals. In particular, look out for Osterfingen’s Trottenfest, when vintners throw open their doors for tastings. If you come at any other time, head for Bad Osterfingen – going strong since 1472, this rustic tavern and wine estate pairs hearty local cooking with home-produced wines.

Buses from Schaffhausen serve these villages.