Top Choice Ice Cream in Geneva


Of the many gelateria that do a roaring summer trade, this one is a local favourite for its prime position en-route to the Bains des Pâquis and flavours like cucumber and mint, pineapple, and creamy dulce de leche.
Ice Cream in Geneva


No matter the season, you can't go past a scoop or three of this creamy Swiss ice cream famed the world over, served from a top riverside spot on the left bank of the Rhône.
Ice Cream in Lugano

Chocolat Gelateria

Up the steps on Via Cattedrale, this hole-in-the-wall gelateria is a great place to grab a cone, with flavours ranging from classic strawberry to chilli mandarin.
Ice Cream in Nyon

Gelateria Venezia

The extraordinary Italian-style ice cream at this legendary gelateria attracts punters from near and far (even from across the lake in France). Daniele Dona of Venetian descent is the culinary force behind this flav…