Must see attractions in Northeastern Switzerland

  • I

    Insel Mainau

    This pleasantly green islet has 45 hectares of Mediterranean-style gardens, including rhododendron groves, a butterfly house and a waterfall-strewn…

  • R


    The Unesco-listed Benedictine monastery of Reichenau was founded in 724.

  • M

    Museum Lindwurm

    A four-storey house has been converted into this museum, whose living rooms, servants’ quarters and kitchen replicate the conditions enjoyed in the mid…

  • H

    Haus zum Ritter

    The eye-catching Haus zum Ritter, built in 1492, boasts a detailed Renaissance-style fresco depicting a knight.

  • H


    The late-baroque Herrenstube was built in 1748 and was once the drinking hole of quaffing nobles.

  • Z

    Zum Goldenen Ochsen

    The 17th-century Zum Goldenen Ochsen has a frescoed facade displaying an eponymous Golden Ox.