Mittelland attractions

Top Choice Museum in Bern

Zentrum Paul Klee

Bern’s answer to the Guggenheim, Renzo Piano’s architecturally bold, 150m-long wave-like edifice houses an exhibition space that showcases rotating works from Paul Klee’s prodigious and often playful career. Interac…
Top Choice Area in Bern

Berner Altstadt

Bern’s flag-bedecked medieval centre has 6km of covered arcades and cellar shops and bars descending from the streets. After a devastating fire in 1405, the wooden city was rebuilt in today’s sandstone. Bern’s clock…
Top Choice Museum in Bern

Museum für Kommunikation

Fresh from extensive renovation and expansion, Bern's Museum of Communication reopened its doors in August 2017. Occupying almost 2000 sq metres of exhibition space, it has cutting-edge interactive stations that exp…
Top Choice Tower in Bern


Bern’s most famous Old Town sight, this ornate clock tower once formed part of the city’s western gate (1191–1256). Crowds congregate to watch its revolving figures twirl at four minutes before the hour, after which…
Top Choice Cathedral in Solothurn

St Ursen-Kathedrale

Architect Gaetano Matteo Pisoni restrained himself with the classical Italianate facade of Solothurn’s monolithic 18th-century cathedral, but went wild inside with a white-and-gilt trip of wedding-cake baroque.
Top Choice Dairy in Emmental

Emmentaler Schaukäserei

Watch Emmental cheese being made into 95kg wheels and taste it at the Emmental Open Cheese Dairy in Affoltern. Short videos explain the modern production process and how Emmental gets its famous holes, while traditi…
Top Choice Gallery in Solothurn


The centrepiece of Solothurn's Fine Arts Museum is Ferdinand Hodler’s famous portrait of William Tell (looking a bit like a red-haired, bearded Goliath in a white hippy top and short trousers). The Madonna of Soloth…
Top Choice Museum in Bern

Historisches Museum Bern

Tapestries, diptychs and other treasures vividly illustrate Bernese history from the Stone Age to the 20th century in this marvellous castle-like edifice, the best of several museums surrounding Helvetiaplatz. The h…
Top Choice Museum in Bern


Bern's Museum of Fine Arts houses Switzerland’s oldest permanent collection, ranging from an exquisite early Renaissance Madonna and Child by Fra Angelico to 19th- and 20th-century works by the likes of Hodler, Mone…
Cathedral in Bern


Bern’s 15th-century Gothic cathedral boasts Switzerland’s loftiest spire (100m); climb the 344-step spiral staircase for vertiginous views. Coming down, stop by the Upper Bells (1356), rung at 11am, noon and 3pm dai…