Swiss in Lugano

La Tinèra

Huddled down a backstreet near Piazza di Riforma, this convivial, rustic restaurant rolls out extremely tasty Ticinese home cooking. You might begin, say, with homemade salumi, moving on to polenta with porcini mush…
Swiss in Lugano

Grotto del Pep

In the best of grotto traditions, this cheery place up on a hill has a huge terrace shaded by trees and chipper staff. Go for the house specialities like roasted kid and brasato (beef braised in red wine) with polen…
Swiss in Lugano

L’Antica Osteria del Porto

Set back from Lugano’s sailing club, this is the place for local fish and Ticinese dishes like polenta crostini with porcini. The terrace overlooking the Cassarate stream is pleasant, as are the lake views.