Top Choice Church in Lugano

Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angioli

This simple Romanesque church contains two frescos by Bernardino Luini dating from 1529. Covering the entire wall that divides the church in two is a grand didactic illustration of the crucifixion of Christ. The pow…
Top Choice Cathedral in Lugano

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Lugano’s early-16th-century cathedral conceals some fine frescoes and ornate baroque statues behind its Renaissance facade. Out front are far-reaching views over the Old Town’s jumble of terracotta rooftops to the l…
Gallery in Lugano

Museo Cantonale d’Arte

This regional art gallery celebrates the work of modern artists (mostly 19th- and 20th-century masters) from the region.
Gallery in Lugano

Museo d’Arte

This cutting-edge art space is housed in Villa Malpensata. Recent exhibitions have zoomed in on the likes of German avant-garde artist Hans Richter and French sculptor Jean-Arp.
Museum in Lugano

Museo del Cioccolato Alprose

Chomp into some cocoa culture at this choc-crazy museum – a sure-fire hit with kids. Whiz through chocolate history, watch the sugary substance being made and enjoy a free tasting. The shop, cunningly, stays open ha…
Gallery in Lugano

Villa Ciani

The ochre-hued Villa Ciani, just in from the lake, is also the site of regular art exhibitions.
Museum in Lugano

Museo delle Culture

Neoclassical Villa Heleneum contains this ethnic art museum, about 1.7km east of Lugano. The brew of tribal relics includes a collection of masks and statues soaked in sexuality. The Mediterranean gardens nurture le…
Gardens in Lugano


This lakefront promenade necklaces the shore of glassy Lago di Lugano, set against a backdrop of rugged mountains. Linden and chestnut trees provide welcome shade in summer, while tulips, camellias and magnolias blo…
Notable Building in Lugano

Via Pretorio 9 (Cherry Building)

The pink brick Mario Botta office block is known to locals as the Cherry Building because of the cherry tree planted on the roof. It was designed by Lugano's Mario Botta (born 1943 in Mendrisio to the south), who ha…
Mountain in Lugano

Monte San Salvatore

From Paradiso, the funicular to Monte San Salvatore operates from mid-March to early November. Aside from the views, the walk down to Paradiso or Melide is an hour well spent.